Black Hole/White Hole (Website)

Black Hole/White Hole was a personal essay I developed in 2017, while at Newcastle University, England. It is a meditation on memories - created and destroyed, personal and universal, individual and collective. Memories pave the way for our identities, they tell us of the ways in which we connect with people, how we love, and most of all how we relate with the world around us.

This essay was an extremely personal piece of writing for me, since it dealt with a painful subject - dementia and how one comes to terms with loosing a maternal figure to the disease that eats up, what I consider to be the most valuable treasure of life - our memories. The material felt difficult and emotionally charged to write about and I found myself looking for an analogy from which I could draw or use as a framework holding together the narrative of the essay; this is when I came upon the black hole and white hole phenomena, the absolute destruction and spontaneous creation in the universe seemed perfect to explain memories as they were created and destroyed.

The Black Hole/ White Hole media player takes the essay a step further giving us an auditory experience which mimics the manner in which memories are lost or eaten up by the ravages of the disease. As the listener listens to the story with each listening pieces begin to disappear, each recording puts together the original story in a different sequence of events, words are systematically swallowed up, and the memories that are translated through the experience are put forth upside down.