The workshop Viewfinder was an off-shoot of the Habitat Photosphere 2019 and was conducted at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The workshop was especially designed and organised to address the lack of inclusivity and diversity in arts education in India, in terms of the kinds of tools and mediums of storytelling we are offering within our education system, especially to our students who are differently abled. Of particular urgency today, is ensuring that every child is given qual opportunity for learning and development, including creative development. As the organiser of a festival that looked at engendering sustainability and inclusivity, I wanted to put forth an equal opportunities workshop programming that catered to something for everyone. Viewfinder was a visual arts workshop conducted by a young photographer Akash Ghai in collaboration with Bookaroo, for children who were speech and hearing impaired, to provide them with basic introduction, training and tools, for discovery creative agency.